A picture is worth 1,000 words - the RIGHT picture is worth $1,000!

The right  photo 

Photos are crucial!


Photos communicate YOUR layers and add to your credibility. 

Like your logo, photos speak volumes. And, like a logo, the message is in the subtleties of the photo. A common mistake in branding, is not paying enough attention to your branding photos. They can make OR break your credibility. The difference of photos that work versus photos that don't work, is very subtle, yet it speaks volumes. There is a fine art to photos. It's not just having a good subject, but also paying attention to the other details (colors, lighting, subject attire, background, location, etc). Photos need to emphasize your big picture. Are they communicating your RIGHT message and displaying all your layers? Branding by Rachel will get you the photos that your brand deserves. 

Rachel Mains is brilliant with an incredible knack for the creativity of the impossible! I enlisted Rachel to photograph me in a series of headshots. Keep in mind that I have NEVER had this experience. Rachel walked me through my wardrobe, directed me into a comfortable photographic position, talked me through facial expressions AND culminated a finished project that is superb! I am thrilled with beautiful pictures that I am proud to present. I had a delightful new experience in my life-journey because of Branding by Rachel.  

~Michelle A. Rahn: Ms. Senior America 2004 and Motivational Speaker 

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A logo sets YOU apart - it solidifies your brand.


A picture is worth 1,000

words - the RIGHT picture is worth $1,000!


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