It's doesn't take long on the earth to realize life is just not perfect. We all go through challenges. Jesus said we would have tribulations in this world (John 16:33). And, there are many more scriptures that talk about this. However, reading this Scripture, knowing this in our head, and then actually experiencing the emotions of the tribulations can seem like oceans a part.

There are times were we can wonder "how could God let this happen?" or "where is God?" There are a number of life circumstances that can cause great pain and grief. For my family, we lost my brother when he was just 26. He was murdered. And, what about unanswered prayers and unfulfilled dreams? I've prayed for years to be a wife and mom, and yet... How do we deal with our faith and the reality of our present circumstances?


The way through, I believe, is to simply be honest with ourselves and with God. God can handle our pain. Look at the Psalms. David was brutally honest about his emotions with God. He told him exactly how he was feeling. He did not pretend everything was perfect. And, that is the key to freedom.

Real faith is not pretending everything is okay, but trusting God in and through our pain. He can handle it. We can talk to Him about it. In this relentless honestly, we realize He is our only Source. And, Jesus will never abandon us. He is our Rescuer; that is, if we let Him be.

LYRICS - Breathe

Deep waters, deep and shallow fears

Won't You hold me through these never ending tears

What my soul longs for is the spirit within to recognize You're here

I will breathe

I will breathe

Rejection came to live inside this heart

Empty places came to symbolize these scars

What I wonder is, do You hear this prayer

Do You even care

I will breathe

I will breathe

Will there be love to pierce this place

Resistance seems to warrant no change

Oh seasons come to deliver me into spring

I will breathe

I will breathe

Cause I can't see past what I can see

And, I can't feel past what I have felt

Oh Comforter, Sweet Romancer come make known to me what's unknown to me known Oh Healer, Sweet Lover come show to me what's never been shown

I will breathe

I will breathe

Here He comes to rescue me...

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