Picture all your layers

Thinking big picture is crucial to starting a great brand foundation. Your brand will sprout from YOUR BIG PICTURE. 


A great brand strategy thinks big picture. The big picture will solidify the direction of WHO YOU ARE and what you represent. You are not just one layer, you have multiple layers. Each layer is crucial to your brand and deserves to be represented. After all, they are the entire YOU. Today's audience wants to understand your intentions and values. Each of your layers should create a deep connection with your following. You must get clear on WHO you are. For example, what makes you unique? What do you have to offer, that no other can offer? The combination of all your layers is what makes YOU unique. A common mistake is starting the branding process not having a clear understanding of the big picture. Branding by Rachel will come alongside to get you clear on your BIG PICTURE. Once we get clear, the other branding layers such as your logo, photos and website will come into clear focus. Each layer will build upon each other. 

What is your BIG PICTURE?

All your layers in clear focus

Discover YOUR brand 

Establish a vision that works!

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