Your website communicates YOUR big picture and it's 

the virtual home for everything you do!

Your website is the hub for everything you do. It's your virtual brand business card. Therefore, it should tie in your ENTIRE big picture. The website is where all your layers come in and makes them shine. You can have the best logo and the best photos, but if your website doesn't properly communicate them and tie them in a bow, it will all have been for naught. This is where your BIG PICTURE shines. Branding by Rachel will come alongside you, from the start of the BIG PICTURE to the finish and completion of your website. 

If you are looking to build your personal Brand, or develop a fabulous website, contact E3 Assistance/Branding by Rachel. Rachel Mains worked diligently to create a website representative of all the layers of my life and has given voice to my business by building a virtual home I'm proud for customers to visit. Thank you, E3! I'll be using your services, for years to come!

~LaTan Roland Murphy: Author, Event Speaker & Vocalist

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Your brand deserves all your colorful layers!

The big picture, logo, photos, and website


The first step to branding

THAT WORKS BETTER, is understanding your big picture. 


A logo sets YOU apart - it solidifies your brand.


A picture is worth 1000

words - the RIGHT picture is worth $1,000!


Your website is the

virtual home for


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