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What is your vibe? Brand me!

We often think that branding is only about designing a logo. Well, it's so much more than that! Your brand creates a certain vibe by the colors you choose, the visuals you use, etc. This is a worksheet tool to get you thinking about your brand and get your creative juices flowing toward clarifying your particular vibe.

Define My Media Tools

Determining your media tools and their frequency is the foundation to all your communications systems. Each tool will flow together and utilize media assets interchangeably to create a system that flows well together.



YouTube Channel Customization 

YouTube Channel Customization  

December 10, 20223 min read

YouTube Channel Customization

YouTube is a great online channel. It's free and it can help curate new leads and spread your message quickly. Plus, if you receive enough subscribers and video views, you'll get paid for YouTube to place ads in all your videos.

Like all media channels and tools, it works best if you know how to use it and if you take time to build it correctly. In this blog, we are focusing on the YouTube channel customization section.

Customize Channel

This where you begin to brand your YouTube channel and create the look, vibe and the interactive features on your channel.


The layout is what people see when they visit your channel. So, it is important to take some time to think through this because this is the first thing your viewers will see.

  • Video spotlight: You can add a video at the top of your homepage. They give two video options: 1) Channel trailer for people who haven't subscribed 2) Featured video for returning subscribers.

Depending on your business structure, you can strategize what videos will work best for these two options. This also depends on the frequency of your uploads and your new content. A branded video opener, would a great fit for the Channel trailer option. Here is an example of a video opener I created for a client.

  • Featured sections: You can choose your featured sections depending on your channel videos, playlists, subscriptions or featured channels. I'll get into playlists in another blog.


It's important to keep your branding consistent on all your media platforms. So, your YouTube should match the content already used on your other platforms.

  • Picture: The picture you choose is either a headshot (if YOU are the brand) or your logo.

  • Banner image: Your banner image does take some thought to design. It should tie in your entire brand and be consistent with your other media platforms.

  • Video watermark: This oftentimes goes unutilized on most channels. However, there is a huge advantage to using a watermark. When you have a watermark, you can choose to display it at the end of video, at a customized start time or during the entire video. When your watermark is displayed, your viewers can click on it and choose to subscribe. You can use your headshot or logo with a transparent background for your watermark.

Basic info

  • Name: This is the name of your company or your public name, if you are a pubic personality. If it's already taken, you'll have to get creative. If your brand is solid and you've gone through the process of discovering your brand, it should come easier to think of a creative name that fits your brand consistency for your channel.

  • Handle: Customized URLs are now based on handles. Handles are a recent feature of YouTube. Your handle should match your name.

  • Description: This should be a concise and easy to read. It should match the copy that is already in use on your website and other online media channels.

  • Channel URL: This is the standard web address for your channel. It includes your unique channel ID, which is the numbers and letters at the end of the URL.

  • Custom URL: Custom URLs now redirect users to your new URL that is based on your handle. If you need to change your URL, you can do this by updating your handle at

  • Links: The links offer a way for your viewers to connect with you on our other online media channels. They only offer 5 links to be viewed on the channel banner.

If you are needing Media Communications Consultation, you can schedule a Free 30-Minute Consultation with me. I hope to see you succeed in all your media communications efforts!

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Rachel Mains

Rachel has a passion for all things communications, media and entertainment. She's worked in television, radio and cable. She's been assisting businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs for 9 years with media communications.

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