Pricing & Services

Prices can be renegotiated after the first FREE 30-minute consultation.

Depending on your level,  we will determine how many media tools we work with per month. 

If one of the media tools is video, we'll evaluate the price.

You can switch out the website for another online channel or media tool. The level of media tool frequency can vary the price.

Monthly Package Levels

Basic $500 - Website with one additional online channel/media tool

Next Level $750- Website with two additional online channels/media tools

Intermediate $1,500 - Website with five online channels/media tools

Full $2,250 - Website with eight online channels/media tools

Robust $3,250 - Website with twelve online channels/media tools

Monthly Membership $350

Media Communications Coaching

This package was created so that you can get the media communications support you need. Monthly membership offers a portal of technology training videos and download tools. Plus, with membership, you can request one tutorial video idea each month. The video tutorial can include any technical support questions you may have. In addition, you'll get four hours of in-person (or online) coaching per month OR you can also allot those four hours toward me working on your media tool(s) directly.

We can discuss project-by-project prices, after our first FREE 30-minute consultation, determine your online channels/media tools and learn about your overall communications needs.



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