I am Rachel Mains. I've been assisting my clients with media communications for over nine years now. When I first started assisting my clients, I noticed that the media communications pieces seemed scattered. My clients felt frustrated with the technology and discouraged with the entire process. I felt that it didn't have to be that hard and desired for my clients to feel confident and at ease with their communications.

Putting you at ease with your online media communications and helping you find the flow that works for you!

What I do as a Media Communications Consultant

I make your story unforgettable!

I help to share your story and obtain new leads and new customers.

I coordinate all your online media channels and tools.

From online channels such as websites, courses, social media and email marketing platforms -- I brand, build, train and implement your communications system to flow naturally, be consistent and be super effective so you can rest at ease!

Helping You Achieve Successful

Media Communications with Ease

Unlock The Power of Media Tools and Successfully Communicate Your Unique Message with a Natural Flow!

I help people - just like you - communicate their message in a consistent and cohesive fashion. It would be my great joy to bring you and your message together in a way that will enhance your public profile and clearly communicate your vision and brand.

Questions to get clear on...

What is your brand?

How do you want your customer to feel?

What communications tools do you need to get your message out and simplify your work flow?

How do you implement these tools and how often?

How do you communicate in a way that is authentic to your brand and achieve your overall goals?

Your Online Presence

You are an entrepreneur, public personality, business owner, etc. and you are feeling overwhelmed with media communications. You feel confused on how it all works. You'd like to have a consistent media presence online but at times, it can all feel confusing, scattered and too difficult to manage!

You can have a communications system that is tailor-fit to your needs. It is possible! First, I'll walk you through the process of communications. We'll discuss your business and goals. Then, we'll set up a game plan within your budget. In addition, I'll be there to train you on how to do it yourself - if you want. Sound good? Okay, let's get started!

Your Brand

Consistent on all Your Platforms

Your brand depends upon message consistency. How often you communicate, your overall look and vibe, and what you communicate solidifies your brand in the eyes of your audience. Your brand should make your audience feel a certain way.

Media Tools

Put These Tools to Work

From newsletters to sales pages, email automations to videos and lead magnets -- these are all tools to communicate your message and boost your sales. Technology can be intimidating but it's possible to strategize and implement these tools to work for you.

Technology Training

You are in Control

Let's face it, we have to use many different online platforms in today's media and communications world. I teach my clients how to utilize the technology we implement. This way, YOU are in control of your communications and brand.

What is Communications?

Media Consulting

Communications is the distribution of messages. And, you utilize technology to distribute your message. Sounds simple, right? Well, it can and should be. However, in today's technical world, we've got so many choices. We are overloaded with information and, oftentimes, it can feel overwhelming and confusing on how to exactly implement our message. First, it's important to get clear on your brand and message. Once clear vision is established, we can implement media and communications tools to share your message in a consistent way. Having a clear message and knowing your communications tools to share this unique message will put you at ease. You'll learn the flow that works for you!

Clarity of vision and knowing your brand

Chose your media tools

Learn how to implement these tools

Establish a consistent media strategy

About Me

I started out in media communications working at a Christian TV station after college. From there, I went to a news station as a floor director. After news, I embarked upon radio where I started my own radio show: Corner Cafe: Sharing the Story & Heart of an Artist

I am a singer/songwriter and I have an album out called "Corner Cafe."

Starting my own business has allowed me to apply my creative skills to help my clients achieve their communications goals. I enjoy teaching my clients technology and my desire is to free them up to be in charge of their own brand, if that is what they desire. I also can come alongside and help them implement their strategy on a consistent monthly basis. Either way, I desire for my clients to feel at ease with communications and feel secure about the process.


Carol Frazier

Composer, Recording Artist, Actress, Artist Development Coach, Screenwriter,

Author & Speaker

Rachel Mains is a powerhouse in the world of media and entertainment! Not only is she an amazing talent herself, she has all of the skills to assist other artists and creative entrepreneurs in their businesses. Incredibly efficient, timely, personable and focused! I have loved working with Rachel; having her participate on my summits, and supporting my artist development and management clients.

Ernie Bjorkman

TV News Anchor, KWGN-News 2

I have known and worked with Rachel for many years. We were a team in the studios of KWGN TV and Rachel was dependable, professional and a hard worker. She’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I would recommend her highly for any type of communications project. You won’t be disappointed.

Eric & Rachel Dufour

Counselors, International Speakers & Pastors

Finding Rachel and working with her has been life-saving for our company. Rachel is creative, efficient, thorough, extremely responsive and she delivers excellency in everything she does. We work internationally and Rachel took up the challenge of managing our communications in a global way. We highly recommend her services and I could not function without her help.

Free Communications Tools

Wouldn't it be nice to know how it all works?

You can feel empowered to do it yourself, if you want to!


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What is your vibe? Brand me!

We often think that branding is only about designing a logo. Well, it's so much more than that! Your brand creates a certain vibe by the colors you choose, the visuals you use, etc. This is a worksheet tool to get you thinking about your brand and get your creative juices flowing toward clarifying your particular vibe.

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